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GardenMart 2022

UPDATED! The Silver Spring Garden Club's GardenMart Leftovers Sale  is Wednesday, 5/11 from 5-7pm. All plants will be 4 for $10 **  and we cannot accept cards  -- only cash or checks (made to "Silver Spring Garden Club"). HERE IS THE LIST OF WHAT IS AVAILABLE: TOMATOES:   Amish Paste Beefmaster Beefsteak Better Boy Cherokee Purple (an heirloom favorite!) White Currant Wild Galapagos (pretty cool equivalent to SunGold - look it up!) Parks Whopper PEPPERS: Hot Pepper Lemon Spice Jalapeno Pepper Biquinho red & yellow Pepper Hot Orange Thai OTHER EDIBLES:  Potato Clancy Amaranth Edible Red Leaf Swiss Chard Scarlett Charlotte Mustard Greens Red Giant Kale Tuscan Lacinato  HERBS: Basil Purple (only 3 left) Basil Genovese - Prospera* Basil Aromatto (for cut flowers!) Borage  (pollinator magnet!) Calendula Goldcrest - edible flowers! Chamomile German - tea! Dill Fernleaf (butterfly host!) Bronze Fennel (butterfly host ) Lavender Hidcote (only 2 left!) Lemongrass repels mosq

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